BIO – jessica soltis



                              Jessica Soltis makes paintings for Gold Diggers! 

        New York City artist based in Los Angeles, Jessica Soltis continues to push the boundaries of modern and abstract art. A portion of Jessica’s career was spent working as a fashion designer in one of New York City’s top fashion houses. A zest for perfection and an obsession for elegance fueled her artistic drive and became the heartbeat of her success and ambition.

       Sequins, luxurious fabrics, thread, and paint melt into an instrument of beauty and can be found as a common theme across Jessica’s work. She traded the red carpet for a blank canvas and is quickly becoming a renowned figure in today's art scene. Jessica has brought her work to places like Tivoli, Italy and was featured in the Marcas Gallery in Southern California, drawing in hundreds of thousands of visitors to her art shows.

       Jessica’s newest series is titled The Lady In The Shift Dress: Rebirth Of Femininity, and is a timeless representation of various societal trends and gender roles. It is the perfect fusion between modern and contemporary, taking a modern classic out of the history books and kissing it with contemporary beauty and elegance.